Nothing to Compare With….

yoyo.. nothing to compare with the kids.. i have nothing idea bout this.. i don’t care ether there is a man in this world want to respond me.. i don’t care.. none of their business.. i know they are trying to play psikik.. hahha.. never mind 🙂

someone that i really admire and adore had changed to 360 degrees!!! wow… clap clap clap to the man who can changes ***(can be he or she). hahaha..  information!! this is my private blog.. if someone can interpreted it.. they will understand..  i donno what happen.. but it all start 17 days ago(1st of May)… still remember the date.. XD

how can ***(can be he or she, depends to you what you think :D) forget all of our memory..?? aishh short-term-memory-lost.. Dear Allah~ i love *** very much as I love my family, I let *** to be part of my life..  part of my siblings. I never knew where the wrong is, but believe me.. i really care about *** so much.  I cried so hard on that day.. even when i’m writing this I feel really sad + listening to DBSK Love In The Ice. ..

Dear Allah, may *** changed and I will try my best to change the condition back to normal even i never knew that truth is.. who start first? I never knew..


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